I calculate exactly what spine, shaft length and point weight (in combination of insert weight) the arrow needs for your unique setup to achieve optimal flight. Add in custom design arrow wraps to make them look as good as they fly. Each set will come with its own spreadsheet showing all aspects of the build including component weights, estimated speed, kinetic energy, momentum, % FOC and more including the weight of every arrow.

Enter your information in the here. I’ll crunch the numbers for your setup then get back to you with my recommendations (make sure you check you spam filter). Don’t worry this just starts the discussion. I will have a lot more questions for you to get the arrows tuned just right for you.

About Me

I am a mechanical engineer with 20+ years in R&D / product development with approximately 30 patents to my name. Including a patent for the Sabre Series of vane and the Vane Angle Tool. I took a deep dive into tuning arrows using my own calculations and spreadsheets along with existing software. Then further refined these calculations with years of testing. I started this company because I hated to see people walk into an archery shop and the guy behind the counter grabs a hand full of shafts chops them at a random length and throws some vanes on them and out the door they go. This is discouraging to the shooter because as their skills increase they will not see a change in results. On an important and possibly costly hunt, an untuned arrow could lead to a poor shot and either missing the animal or even worse not getting a clean quick kill.