What degree helical should I fletch my vanes?

All Sabre series vanes are designed to work best at a 2.5 to 3.5 degree helical

What glue should I use?

Most cyanoacrylate adhesives will work with the Sabre series of vanes. The offical Sabre series adhesive is recommended

Does right or left helical matter?

Maybe but probably not.

Can I four fletch these vanes?

Yes. Adding an additional vane will add some drag which can help steer an arrow. However, the Sabre series was designed to work best in a 3 fletch and a four fletch should not be needed.

Do I need a primer pen?

Nope! An isopropyl alcohol wipe is included with the vanes. Use this to clean the base prior to fletching.


What do they cost?

The average price is $27 per arrow sold in sets of 12. The exact price will depend on the arrow shaft and inserts/weights used.

How long do they take to make?

All custom builds are currently sitting at a 3-5 week lead time.

Can I get more of my last build?

Yes! All build sheets are kept as a record of your build. Use the contact form to get in touch!