What degree helical should I fletch my vanes?

All Sabre series vanes are designed to work best at a 2.5 degrees. BUT... feel free to play with your setup trying different angles. They do not need to be at 2.5 to work.

What glue should I use?

Most cyanoacrylate adhesives will work with the Sabre series of vanes. The offical Sabre series adhesive is recommended

Do I need a primer pen?

No you don't. An isopropyl alcohol wipe is included with the vanes is all you need to clean the base. Then follow that up with a dry clean paper towel with 3-4 wipes.

You can, however, use a primer pen if it's part of your normal routine the same way you do with any other vane.

Does right or left helical matter?

From my findings as well as Easton's... no.

Can I four fletch these vanes?

Yes. Adding an additional vane will add some drag which can help steer an arrow. However, the Sabre series was designed to work best in a 3 fletch and a four fletch should not be needed.

Vanes aren't sticking

2 Common mistakes:

1. If the front and back are lifting and/or sides are wavy.

You are using too much adhesive. Just a very thin continuous bead of Maxi-Cure is all you need.

The adhesive gives off heat as it cures and causes the material to heat up.

2. If you are just having adhesion issues:

There is still alcohol on the base of the vane. Go over the base with a dry paper towel 3-4 times until they feel the drag increase.

When CA adhesive touches wet alcohol it cures instantly and does let the CA properly wet the surface so you get bad adhesion.


What do they cost?

The average price is $27 per arrow sold in sets of 12. The exact price will depend on the arrow shaft and inserts/weights used.

How long do they take to make?

All custom builds are currently sitting at a 3-5 week lead time.

Can I get more of my last build?

Yes! All build sheets are kept as a record of your build. Use the contact form to get in touch!