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Subsonic Field Points

Subsonic Field Points

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Fits both a 0.300” as well as 0.275” shaft OD. (12 per pack)

Side benefits of not having a sharp point:

  • Won’t punch through pockets or packs
  • Won’t shish kabob vanes when shooting tight groups
  • Less chance of busting up arrows
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Lee Landaiche
Great field points but only 1 con!

My only con is I wish they had an o-ring to keep the field point tight. I fletch with a left helical so they tend to come undone a lot. Other than that, they are awesome!

steven osborne
Sub Sonic field points

Love these, easier to pull and don’t tear up a foam target as bad as pointed!

Doug Kruse
Great Products

The subsonic field points are great, very true to weight. Also the Super Sabre vanes are awesome. They give you great arrow flight at longer ranges and are very quiet. I would use any other vane than the Sabre series. Also have had Kyle make several dozen arrows for me and you can’t go wrong. Awesome products with great customer service!!

Patrick Ryan
Arrow saving points.

Excellent quality. Weights are spot on. I’ve been using them for the last 2 years and wouldn’t shoot anything else. Only a communist would shoot anything other than DCA.

Cody Duthie
Vanes did not stay on!

Followed the steps that were provided and watched movies people doing them
Still same problems as version 1 not impressed at all and now have a tone of useless vanes
Will not try again