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Vane Angle Tool

Vane Angle Tool

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Use this patent-pending tool to precisely set up your Bitzenburger fletching jig to the desired helical (or offset) angle. The wrap shows angles from 0 - 6 degrees left or right and is attached to a 7” section of 0.204 ID arrow and includes a nock. Just place an arrow in the clamp, turn the nock so that the bottom corner of the vane is in the crosshair as shown and adjust the dials on the jig. This works with the straight and helical clamp. The helical clamp actually puts the vane on straight, it just follows the curvature of the arrow better. Simple, precise, and highly effective.
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Customer Reviews

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Brian Smart
Angle Tool

This was a little wonky at first on the Bitz rig. However, using an Elk Shape tip, I cut down the vane holder and that allowed ease of use for the angle tool. Once I trimmed the clamp, it was easy peasy lemon squeezy!! Once you're set, you're set...

M. Guest
Great tool. Instructions could use some refinement

I believe it’s a great alternative as opposed to upgrading and spending a lot of money on the vane master pro if you only fletch a 5-6 dozen arrows a year like me. My only complaint is that when I went to scan the QR code on the package for the instructional video, there was no video. I felt the written instructions could be more detailed. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed lol

Mark Werner
Vane tool

Great tool !!! But I had to modify it a little to work on my bitz . I have the zenith upgrade for it and my arrows are.246 . Just put a field point in the end instead of the nock . A 204 insert and field point would probably work too

Larry Bailey
Vane angle tool

Works great. I like knowing the angle before gluing. Gives you the confidence to fletch your own arrows.


Vane Angle Tool