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Super Sabre Vanes

Super Sabre Vanes

Designed & Molded in Indiana - PATENT 11,686,562

Weight: 7.0 +/-0.1 Grains

Height: .55 Inches

Length: 2.25 Inches

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    Scientifically developed over 2 years, tested using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), stability calculations used by NASA, a custom-made wind tunnel, and a LabRadar (Doppler radar).


    Rev 2.0 is ridiculously tough. The material can be stretched and returned to shape. Pass-throughs on targets are no problem. The material also has much better adhesion and can be used with all known vane adhesives after wiping the base of the vane with 70% alcohol wipe or primer pen.


    The Super Sabres are all very consistent. Shown by the weight consistency of 7.1 +/-0.1 gr. All exactly identical. The 8-cavity mold means there will not be any shortages moving forward.

    Note: Please see Hamskea's website for instructions on setting the timing with 0.5" vanes.

Application Method

  1. Clean the arrow shaft or wrap with a clean, dry paper towel.
  2. Place Super Sabre in the fletching jig clamp set at 2.5 degree helical.
  3. Clean the base thoroughly using 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe or primer pen. Rewet alcohol wipe with 70% isopropyl alcohol if it dries.
  4. Wipe base of vane with a DRY paper towel 3-4 times until you feel the friction increase. This means all the alcohol is gone.
  5. Apply adhesive to the bottom of the vane. Just a very thin continuous bead of Maxi-Cure is highly recommended.
  6. Using the clamp, press the vane down holding it securely for 10 sec. (or recommended time on adhesive)
  7. Unclamp the vane and wipe excess glue from around the base of the vane.
  8. Let the adhesive cure for 15-20 min.

See FAQ page for more information

Fletching Sabre Vanes

Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Great broadhead flight

Tested Super Saber vanes with fixed blade broadheads against other vanes and Super Sabers won. Group testing was done at 50 yards.


Best vanes out, no question. Switched over from Bohning HEAT and is much more durable.

Richard Cantu
Good stuff

I really like the way they fly and look good too. Looking forward to buy and fletch more of my arrows with them.

Robert Davis
Poor adhesion

I was very excited to use these but they just don't stick. I had my local pro shop fletch them. They followed the directions and used 2 different kinds of glue. The ones that did stick wete ripped and the straight ones ripped off rather easily. When touched by another arrow or just pulling by hand. used most of the pack trying to get 6 arrows fletch properly... very disappointing.

Nicholas carraway

Super Sabre Vanes